Everything we offer

OrdiPat was founded in 1978 by a collective of French intellectual property attorneys whose goal at the time was to have an intellectual property and tech support system in order to boost their own productivity – OrdiPat has gone on to become something of a far bigger vision, now specialising in four primary sectors; IT support & Hosting, Software creation and of course, Domain name registration and management.


Domain Names – OrdiPat is proud of it’s sterling reputation when it comes to offering a premium service in Domain Name management. Our professional service is designed by taking into consideration the unique needs of each client. Our team members are on hand to support you with all areas of your domain name management such as availability searches, registration, monitoring, renewals, transfers, website hosting and dispute procedures.


IT Solutions – Simplify and strengthen your tech infrastructure with OrdiPat’s IT Solutions. Here at OrdiPat, we believe in developing supported IT environments which give clients independence – whether you’re using our servers, designing user workstations that can be accessed and managed remotely or simply searching for internet service provisions, you stand to benefit greatly from our professional experience in this field of work.


Hosting – Here at OrdiPat, security is a prime concern – our servers exist in three separate locations and are protected by back ups – we leave no space for disruption. We’ve been hosting websites on behalf of our clients for almost four decades now, and we’re proud of the fact that our clients have continued to grow with us.


Software Development – We have developed a highly successful, fully customisable IP management software which has been a roaring success with IP firms in France, this software, Lola, has proved itself to be a complete game changer when it comes to IP management.