Here at OrdiPat, we strive to be the single source of IT support for our clients, and we achieve that thanks to our brilliant team constantly honing their skills and expanding their knowledge with your needs in mind.

Our vast work-history in the field of huge and complex databases has resulted in OrdiPat becoming a qualified ORACLE Certified Solution Partner – a certification which guarantees that our engineers possess all the required skills to work with Oracle products and their development tools. Our hosting system constitutes of Linux and Windows servers as well as numerous interconnection networks to cater demand. OrdiPat data centers are highly secure: double air-conditioned, double fire detectors, automatic extinction and electronic surveillance. We even go so far as to use two replicated data centers situated at separate locations in Paris, France. Here at OrdiPat, we listen carefully to our client’s need before developing a strategy to implement productive/supportive IT environments.


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